Going Green

Hi and welcome back to the Heritage and CityLife Hotels blog!
Regular visitors to the site will probably have noticed the environmental focus for many of our hotels this year. If you haven’t heard of Green Globe yet I’m sure you’ll soon be very familiar with it. In essence this is an organisation that recognises those companies in the travel and tourism industry that meet high standards in the use of resources, energy consumption and reduction of waste. In other words, doing their bit for the planet.
We’ve been associated with Green Globe since 2002 when Heritage Auckland achieved benchmarked status. We’ve followed this up with the double Tourism Industry Award-winning Heritage Queenstown, Heritage Christchurch and Heritage Hanmer Springs this year, with more to come. We’ve proud to say that we’ve already reached our goal of having half of our hotels benchmarked by the end of the year.
But what does this mean to you? With more media space than housing crises or Presidential slip-ups, climate change is a hot topic this year. The threats to the environment have been well-publicised, but how concerned are you that the hotel you choose to stay in also believe they should make a difference? Would having the option of staying in an environmentally-friendly hotel appeal to you more than one that isn’t? What other initiatives would you like to see us introduce?
We’d really like to know what you think. Would you choose to ‘go green’ for your accommodation or is it not important to you? Feel free to add your thoughts using the feedback boxes below and we look forward to hearing from you.
Barring a case of what I think is known in the Web2.0 world as “writer’s blog”, look out for another blog in a couple of weeks.
Until next time, thanks for reading and choosing to stay at Heritage and CityLife Hotels.