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Bahama House – Cheap Daytona Beach Hotel
I was nervous when I pulled up to the Bahama House in Daytona Beach. Hotels along the beach here, like any business in this worn out beachside town, are a risky proposition. You’re chances of ending up in the lap of luxury are second to none, and you hope and pray you don’t end up in a bed bug infested dump.
(It should come as no surprise for anyone who has been to Daytona Beach in recent years that one of its properties would show up on a list of 10 Worst Hotels.)
My only experience with the Bahama House before checking in was the online reviews and their mediocre web site.Sure, the colors were bright and friendly, and the reviews seemed positive enough. But still, I was, at best, cautiously optimistic.
What I found at the Daytona Bahama House was a clean, no frills hotel with impeccable service.
The woman at the front desk set the tone for my entire stay. She smiled and handed me a welcome bag, which I would later discover wast stuffed with a free Harlequin romance novel and chocolate samples. I got the sense that Irene was welcoming me into her home and she was eager to invite me to the complimentary cocktail hour that had already begun in the small common area of the lobby.
As I took my room keys and handwritten parking pass for the underground garage, I breathed a little more easily. While the reception area and lobby was small and modestly adorned, every surface had obviously been polished and shined. I skipped the free drinks and pretzels and headed straight for my room .
My room was a king suite with an ocean view. The carpet was worn, the tile was dated, and the jacuzzi was a basic bathtub/shower combo with jets in the side. But again, everything was impeccably clean.
The room reminded me of my first post-college apartment on the day my parents came to visit. Someone had clearly done the best they could with what they had to work with. The small kitchenette was stocked with dishes and silverware, the bed overflowed with an abundance of pillows, and the towels in the modest bathroom were bright white and fluffy.
I headed for the balcony to inspect my view. I found two plastic chairs and a matching plastic end table, and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.
New Epoque Hotel Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza, Ibiza
A new boutique hotel in the Epoque Family: Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza, Ibiza. Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza Hotel is a new concept in hospitality. Water, light and textures all mix in theis outstanding boutique hotel. Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza Hotel is the ideal place to come and enjoy the best of Ibiza: because of its location, in the peaceful Marina at Santa Eulalia, because of the nature surrounding the property and because of the extent of services . Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza Hotel goes beyond being just a 5-star property: its style is personal and warm, and represents a compromise with excellence. The rooms at the Hotel Aguas are divided in three categories: Dreamer’s Room, the Junior Suite facing the sea, and the Corner Suite a 700 sq.ft space boasting a 180° view. The Senzone La Sal, which offers a variety of Ibizan cuisine, and the Senzone Oligo Madeinterranean which offers stylish and modern Mediterranean food. At the Hotel Aguas you’ll also find the Alabastro Lounge, a meeting point in the lobby area, a place to enjoy wine tasting or informal drinks and snacks