Rossella Jardini, Creative Director of Moschino, and the Moschino company, in partnership with Hotelphilosophy S.p.A., Mobygest Group, will open the Moschino hotel next year in Milan near the trendy Corso Como area. The hotel space, a former railway station dating back to the year 1840, will feature four floors, 54 rooms and 15 suites, with each room/suite being different from the other, with the overall theme being that of a fairy tale. The hotel will also feature a bar, restaurant, spa, gym and public garden. Thus far the only information released, is that of one of the rooms that features a chandelier with rose petals, a coverlet below it made up of rose petals, as though the petals from the chandelier had fallen upon the bed, and a modern designed chair in crimson with the interior cushions having semi-origami folds of a flower petal. A more in depth unveiling will happen this weekend at the TTG Incontri, a tourism expo in Rimini, Italy. Couture's very own merchandisers travel to Italy twice yearly for vendor appointments, perhaps this will be the new favorite place to stay, no?