Top Travel Websites

Happy 2008 from Heritage and CityLife Hotels! Hopefully you’ve had a lovely, relaxing summer break and recharged your batteries for another year. Although with February having almost passed by already I have a suspicion this year will fly by as quickly as 2007 did.
Not that being back at the desk with the prospect of another year of hard work need deter us from idly daydreaming of our next holiday. Anecdotally it seems that most of us conclude one holiday with the initial thoughts and plans for the next, so chances are you’re already contemplating that country retreat, family city getaway or skiing break (break as in holiday, rather than limb!).
To help us all plan our holidays, the internet offers a broad, not to say bewildering, array of websites providing all the advice, information and support you could need. But where to start?
The UK’s Times Online have scoured the web and compiled a list of the best global travel websites of 2007. They’re an eclectic collection of planning, networking and multimedia sites, including the hotel review site TripAdvisor; the pedant’s favourite travel planning site Tripit, with it’s customisable travel itinerary facility; the travel world’s answer to YouTube, Travelistic, which hosts a wide range of travel videos to aid your trip planning; and to assuage the shopaholics, the shopping guide site of Itravelishop. You can read the full list of sites here.
But which are your favourite travel sites – the ones that you think you’ll just pop onto for a couple of minutes and eventually manage to tear yourself away from an hour later? Do any of the sites in the list above feature in your favourites? Let us know which are your must-visit’s for planning or just plain inspiration.