Five-Star Hotel Days Are O-V-E-R

Banished! Bronne's Five-Star Hotel Days Are O-V-E-R
Even though throwing a fire extinguisher into a hotel pool -- from your balcony -- is a pretty DUMBASS move, we couldn't help but feel a little sympathy for Bronne on tonight's Real World after he got bounced from his sweet suite at the ME Hotel. 'Specially after he owned up to his CHILDISH/RECKLESS/DEMENTED behavior (unlike some people we know) and apologized to the manager for being such a STUPID MONKEYBRAIN.
To make matters worse for our beloved East Coast frat boy, his new living quarters in Cancun don't quite live up to his old superstar pad. It's almost as if he's been banished to the REAL world, where the rooms don't always come with a hot tub and monogrammed slippers.
We're thinking dude definitely deserved to get booted (like, he coulda killed a hotel guest), but on the other hand we're pretty unhappy about seeing Bronne have to suffer in a barely three-star hotel. And did you see him sharing pizza with that random guy on the street? Where did all his best buddies go during his time of need? Hmm, at least tequila doesn't care what neighborhood you live in