Hotel Booking Site For Those With Allergies

Pure Solutions has launched the first online resource for travelers seeking allergy-friendly lodging.
PURE Solutions lets travelers book at over 50 hotels worldwide and is a leading resource for allergy sufferers. THeir technology improves air quality, provide a better sleeping atmosphere and enhance the hotel experience.
“According to the National Center for Disease Control, one in four Americans suffers from allergies. Our website now makes it possible for travelers with allergies to easily find and book a hotel room that allows them to sleep better at night and wake up feeling rested and refreshed” said Brian Brault, CEO and Founder of PURE Solutions. “The site now better represents who we are and why a PURE room makes such a difference, as well as providing regular updates of new hotels that offer PURE rooms

UK Hotels Feel Slowdown In September
UK Hoteliers watched as their numbers took a slight dip in September as a result of lower demand. Room rates declined as a result, and the worsening economic situation being fended off by business travelers is beginning to take a more noticeable toll on business.
A PDF Hotel Consultancy Service report for September reported that in London room rate was down to 1.5% from the same time last year. Occupancy, however, stayed at 81.6%, but this number was still down 5.7% from the same time last year.
Other regions experienced similar or worse declines in numbers.
Robert Barnard, partner for Hotel Consultancy Services at PKF, commented, “The decreases that hoteliers experienced this month are not surprising given the current turmoil in the markets which is undoubtedly affecting business travel.
“However, it should also be noted that hoteliers did have a particularly strong September in 2007 and this goes some way to explaining some of the decreases.